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Alpha 70, 100, 125

The new STAALKAT Alpha egg grader is available inline directly from the production units, off line with an automatic loader or a combination of inline and off line. This allows eggs from other production sites to be packed at the same time or separately. The STAALKAT Alpha is available in three capacities 70, 100 and 125 cases per hour or 25,200 36,000 and 45,000 eggs per hour. Modular in design, the frame can be extended to allow for future lane expansions, and the Alpha 70 and 100 can be upgraded to 100 and 125 cases per hour capacities.


The STAALKAT Alpha grading and packing machines distinguish their self by their:


    Washable infeed/loader, crack detector and dynamic weighing scales

    Large multimedia information screens

    Stainless steel construction

    Individual lanes helps ensure continuous operation

    Reversible packing lanes

    Detachable and washable reservoirs

    Unique detachable and washable off grade lane

    Modular design, expandable frame