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SANOVO Case Palletizer


The SANOVO Case Palletizer is an anthropomorphic robot able to palletise at a speed of 216,000 eggs/hour.


It can handle half cases, full cases, plastic crates and custom cases or crates*, and carton interlayers, as well as wooden pallets according to the most common dimension standards. It picks up four half cases together, using a special head system, implemented for cases and crates alike.

The palletiser can be provided with a full traceability system that can be supported by an in-line weighing system. The full pallet can be ejected either automatically or manually. It enables automatic management of the empty interlayers and the empty pallets.


The palletiser can be equipped with a labelling system for cases and crates, as well as full pallets (traceability option is required).


Each line works independently on forming a full pallet of the same product. A barcode reader is placed at the entrance to the case palletiser in order to sort the different products ready for the planned palletising line. On each line, the robot can automatically place an interlayer between the layers.


On request, the palletiser can be supplied with a stainless steel washable option (IP67).


* Non-standard cases or crates will first need to be tested in our facility.




  •     Suitable for a wide range of cases/crates
  •     Reduces operator fatigue
  •     High flexibility
  •     High palletising speed and accuracy
  •     Gentle handling of eggs stacks
  •     High-quality materials
  •     Small footprint
  •     Crate palletising
  •     Remote assistance (Internet connection required)