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Spray Dryer


The SANOVO Gentle-Air Spray Drying Systems for egg liquid products or other similar liquid food ingredients are available in various sizes and can be equipped with numerous types of customer-engineered equipment.


The spray dryers are of the horizontal type and are generally smaller than other dryers with the same capacity, and can often be installed in an existing building.



  •     Various direct and indirect drying air-heating systems: direct natural gas air-heater, steam bank, thermal oil, and indirect oil or natural gas air-heater.
  •     Built-in heat recovery unit saving up 35% of the energy consumption.
  •     Powder transfer systems: screw conveyor, pneumatic or vacuum conveyance systems.
  •     Sonic horn, metal detector, rotating magnet
  •     Anti-frost protection for intake air
  •     SCADA system with remote access
  •     Various powder packing systems


Easy start-up and shut down


Automatic nozzle control for startup / shut down and supervision during operation can be supplied. Nozzles stems are easy accessible and CIP cleaned in a close loop and can individualy be changed/cleaned without interrupting the operation of the dryer.


SANOx indirect heating


Drying air is completely separated from process air in a specially designed combustion chamber. This system has 98% heat efficiency compared to direct heating based on natural gas, oil or bio fuel firing.


Low heat loss with sandwich panels


The drying chamber is constructed in a rigid seamless stainless steel sandwich construction with 80 mm / 3.2-inch injected polyurethane foam insulating two times better than mineral wool, reducing the heat loss. The drying chamber construction is fastened in one side with a sliding construction which facilitates heat expansion and avoids heat stress.

Heat Recovery


Significant saving in the energy consumption obtained by pre-heating of the intake air by the hot exhaust air from the drying chamber in the highly efficient tube heat exchanger.


Minimum powder loss integrated bag filter


Easy and fast change of product without lifting equipment from the top of the drying chamber when changing the product or cleaning. No external powder conveying ducts as the bag filter is integrated into the drying chamber. This minimises the loss of product and complies with global environmental standards for emissions.


Optimized nozzle geometry


Optimised air flow in the drying chamber ensures a minimum powder buildup on walls.


Superior drying condition by unique designed plenum


Process air is distributed through a unique designed plenum for constant air flow over the individual spray nozzles. Wall (orifice plate) between plenum and drying chamber is cooled with temperate air to minimise scorched (discolouring) particles and solubility or sediment problems.


ATEX compliant


Depending on local regulations and on the powder explosivity, ignition and electrical resistivity, the dryer can be supplied with a number of pressure relief membranes.