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OptiGrader 400

Increase your GRADE A final packaging by gentle egg handling and advanced software.


After the successful installations of the first series of the STAALKAT OptiGrader 600, we have designed a new model which will further complete the capacity range of graders the STAALKAT OptiGrader 400:


OptiGrader 400 in-line capacity:

OptiGrader 400 off-line capacity: 144,000 eggs/hour (400 cases/hour)

134,280 eggs/hour (370 cases/hour)


Just as the STAALKAT OptiGrader 600, this new 400 will benefit from the small foot print of the automatic SANOVO OptiLoader 12 C Plus. This loader has the offline capacity of 373 cases an hour. The grader will operate inline setup with capacity of 400 cases an hour.


The STAALKAT OptiGrader 400 is equipped with all automatic detections and options as the OptiGrader 600, such as the new STAALKAT Crack Detector and Scales which are designed for water cleaning. No moving, complicated and high maintenance delicate parts are used in the detections units, therefore the need for recalibration and replacement of moving parts is minimized.


The 12 row infeed gently transports the individual egg to packaging material based on the settings of the user friendly operating system. The fully touch-screen-operated grader will give total control over the output quality and maximize the investment.


Combining the most innovative technology available the new STAALKAT OptiGrader 400 is worth becoming acquainted with. It will set new standards not previously experienced by the egg industry with a performance you can depend on.