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Egg Palletizing

The Egg Palletizer is an anthropomorphic robot able to palletize at a speed of 180.000 eggs/hour with plastic trays*, pulp trays, or both, keeping the different productions separated. It can handle plastic or carton interlayers as well as plastic or wooden pallets according to the most used dimension standards. It will pick up 4 stacks together using a special head fork system, implemented for both pulp and plastic trays.


The Egg Palletizer can be installed downstream of 1 or 2 Farmpackers as well as a Grader, offering solutions from 1 to 2** incoming stack’s conveyors and from 1 to 2** full pallet positions. The full pallet can be ejected automatically or manually, and the same goes for the interlayer and the empty pallet. Very useful is the integration of a weighing system at the end of the full pallet exit roller conveyor, including a printed label to facilitate recognition and source. Egg trays will arrive from the Farmpacker in stacks of 6 trays, they will be conveyed to the robot pick up position, and if necessary a


top tray will be placed on top of each stack as cover. When arriving at the robot area the robot head will pick up 4 stacks at a time and will load them on a full pallet, which can be placed on the floor or on a roller/chain conveyor for customers who prefer an automatic exit. Between the egg stacks a plastic* or a carton interlayer can be placed just filling the proper interlayer position/store with the type of material you need.