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Easy Stamp Piccolo



  •     Automatic egg stamping 6 eggs in a row
  •     For small and medium size egg farms, to stamp a logo and/or traceability code



  •     Capacity: 9.000 eggs/hour
  •     Automatic tray transfer system
  •     Perfect imprint-quality by 250dpi screen print technology
  •     Print text changeable by changing ink-pads
  •     Stainless steel system
  •     6 rubber springs which adjust to each individual egg height
  •     Including parking-station
  •     Including refill-kit with 250ml. ink and 12 stamps
  •     Proved food grade ink, in various colours (red/green/blue)
  •     Low running costs due to refillable ink reservoir
  •     220V power-supply
  •     Plug and play system