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Tray Washer


Efficient, compact and labour-saving design


The range of SANOVO Tray Washers offers destacking, washing, stacking and drying of plastic trays.


The fully automatic process makes our tray washer the most labour-saving tray washer on the market. The design of the machine is the most advanced design in the industry, offering high output and top-class washing performance.


By focussing heavily on reducing the number of staff required to operate the machinery, we have become the first company to develop a fully automatic spin dryer. This means that only one operator is required to handle the entire operation.




safe de-stacking of dirty trays

The STW 6500 is equipped with a new safe de-stacking system which ensures a continuous and safe production even with very dirty trays. The stack of dirty trays is secured by eight claws, while four claws force the bottom tray onto the conveyor. Furthermore, the discharge system is easily adjusted for different types of plastic trays. reducing operating costs.


Reducing operation costs

The SANOVO STW 6500 has been designed with the primary goal in mind – to reduce operating costs by substantial cuts in the manpower needed. Including high capacity, top-class washing performance and low energy costs - the payback time of the tray washer is short.


Washing with power nozzles

In the wash chamber, power nozzles are placed closely above and underneath the trays. By spraying a large volume of pressurised water, the dirt on the trays is simply blasted off. No dirt will remain on the trays after the power nozzles have done their work. The water is filtered and recycled to minimise the use of fresh water. After washing, the trays can be disinfected by a sanitiser spray bar.


Dry trays improve hygiene

The spinner has a speed of 840 rpm, leaving the trays absolutely dry and ready for use.


The performance is monitored

The entire washing operation is easily controlled from a touch display. Parameters such as speed, spinning time, etc., may be changed simply by pressing one of the pictograms and entering the desired value.


During production, the performance, as well as speed, run time, down time, number of trays washed, spinning time, error codes etc., is continuously shown on the display. SANOVO STW 6500 is equipped with two local operator panels on the washer and one local operator panel on the spinner for start/stop, reset and emergency stop.




Tray Washer


  • Capacity from 6,500 plastic trays per hour
  • Combining high output with washing performance
  • Safe de-stacking of dirty trays
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Washing with power nozzles
  • Stacking and counting prevents extra handling
  • Bone-dry trays improve hygiene
  • Monitored performance
  • Labour-saving washer