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Container Filling Plant


The SANOVO Container Filling Station is a skid-mounted module with pneumatic valves installed on a stainless steel frame and controlled by a local PLC to fill transportable/palletisable containers in stainless steel or big bags.


The filling of the containers is controlled by a magnetic flow meter, and it is suitable for the connection to scales. All the valves and instruments are controlled by an electrical panel in stainless steel (max. 15 metres cable) with Siemens PLC and operator panel with touch screen for all the operation that can be interfaced with the central SCADA, in the case of automatic or semi-automatic plants.


Container Filling Plant


It is available in three models:


SANOVO Container Filling two stations

SANOVO Container Filling three stations

SANOVO Container Filling four stations


Customisation of the container filling stations is possible.