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Staalkat Hatchery Packer

The hatchery packer not only takes care of maintaining high hatchability by its careful treatment of the hatching eggs but also of a considerable saving in labour.


The hatchery packer are robust and built in an ergonomic design, made from non corrosive material and can be used in a flexible way. By its integrated setter tray denester the hatchery packer can also be placed in a small room.


The hatchery packer has a capacity of 24.000 eggs/hour on a 30 egg tray. Depending on the type of setter tray capacities go from 20.000 eggs per hour for a straight 10x15 model up till 24.000 / 28.000 eggs per hour for staggered models.


Special features:


    Lay-out possibilities: left-right-straight- reverse

    Standard frame suitable for > 95% of all setter trays

    Gentle egg treatment with perfect point setting

    From input till output controlled process with high net performance

    Point setting > 99.7%

    User and maintenance friendly design

    Comply with CE safety regulations

    Stainless steel construction


Capacity  28.000 eggs per hour