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Staalkat Farmpacker 200


STAALKAT Farmpacker 200

The STAALKAT Farmpackers are known for their reliability and for the very high user-friendly design. The high reliability is obtained by experienced on-farm engineering, a distinct use of high quality material and parts. Low maintenance, easy cleaning and gentle egg handling have always been a STAALKAT priority.


A minimum number of plastic parts are used in order to avoid annual replacement of egg holders and other wearable parts. Making use of simple understandable technical solutions enables each customer to maintain all STAALKAT Farmpackers without the need for special tools or knowledge.


Capacity  72.000 eggs per hour (200 cases)


Power supply  230V-0-ground, 1-phase-AC, 50/60 Hz


Energy consumption  2,2 kVA


Standard Extras  STAALKAT Tray stacker

Electronic egg counter

Rotating control panel


Split accumulator

Capacity denester: Depending on tray type max. 75 trays

Buffer capacity take away conveyor: 6 trays)


Optional  Different versions of the take away conveyor

Curve 90 degree

Extended outfeedbelt for tray stacker (12 stacks)

OptiRobot palletizing