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60 years of egg grading experience in one machine


We have been in the egg grading business over 60 years and the SANOVO GraderPro is the result of this accumulated knowledge. With many new improved patented innovations, the SANOVO GraderPro rightfully deserves to be called "The next generation of egg graders".


We are truly excited to offer you this great new machine and feel confident that it will serve you as a trusted partner in your egg grading business. If you only want the best egg grading machine available, you have come to the right place.


Market leading capacity

The GraderPro offers you the highest capacity in the industry by handling up to 800 cases/hour.


Exceptional gentle egg handling

The SANOVO GraderPro is development to give your eggs first class treatment. One of the innovations developed for the GraderPro is a new system that ensures the most gentle egg handling ever seen. Most damaged eggs are cracked due to side impact on the eggs. Side impact appears when you transfer eggs through a machine in one direction, and while the egg is in movement, changes the direction. To avoid this side impact we developed a system that only transfers the eggs in one direction at a time. We deliver eggs only one way – downwards. The downward delivery eliminates side impact and ensures exceptional gentle egg handling.


Low trackspeed

Along with the no-side-impact technology we have rethinked and renewed the transportation in the mainframe of the grader, resulting in a track speed reduced by up to 25% compared to other manufactures. When the track speed is low we can guarantee an even further more gentle egg handling and by this higher output of packed eggs.


Easy service

We made an effort into making a simple design that requires a minimum of maintenance. Due to few moving or complex parts the maintenance required can be kept at a low level. A minimum of service required will save you downtime and money.


Individual egg control

Today food safety is an increasing demand and cannot be ignored. Traceability of the eggs is of high importance for food safety. The GraderPro offers 100% traceability through entire machine which means that every single egg is being individually controlled and traced back if necessary.



Cleanability of the machine is very important when investing in a new egg grader. The GraderPro has been designed for optimal cleaning with a minimum effort and can be equipped with CIP (cleaning in place). We made a hygienic design by making sure that all parts of the machine can be cleaned leaving no blind spots. No need for disassembling the machine for cleaning. In addition to time and man power savings, CIP reduces the amount of water needed for cleaning, minimizing your production costs.


3 models



The SANOVO GraderPro product range will include graders for 400, 600 and 800 cases/hour (max. 288.000 eggs/hour)


SANOVO GraderPro 400 - 144,000 eggs / hour (400 cases / hour)


SANOVO GraderPro 600 - 216,000 eggs / hour (600 cases / hour)


SANOVO GraderPro 800 - 288,000 eggs / hour (800 cases / hour)