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The De-Palletizer is able to de-palletize at a speed of 180.000 eggs/hour with plastic trays*. the Optirobot head can handle trays, interlayer and pallet. The system can be installed upstream of any kind of Grader loader, solutions from 1 to 2 tray stacks loading conveyors and from 1 to 2 full pallet positions. There is a pallet compactor included that makes the egg pallet more stable.


4 tray stacks at a time will be picked up and then they will be loaded on to a conveyor connected with a loader conveyor, and if necessary the tray stacks will be synchronized with the loader inlet conveyor, depending on loader brand.


The full pallet accumulation conveyor can be customized in order to reduce the time spent on load full egg pallets and make the system as self-sufficient as possible.


Moreover, our standard de-palletizer system is developed to guarantee the 100% full speed without any stops, even if you need to extract or insert interlayers or pallets.