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Robust and precise


With all vital parts manufactured in stainless steel, the SANOVO FlexLoader has been designed for tough environments. The high yield and very reliable production performance is ensured by servo-drive technology controlling the loader head and advanced real-time adjustment of stack height for the incoming trays.


High Flexibility in wet and dry environment


The hygienic design and choice of high quality parts makes the SANOVO FlexLoader ideal for both wet and dry environments. With a large variety of standard configurations and options, the loader is easily adaptable into your existing production line. The entire loader is easily controlled from the user-friendly touch screen.


Low cost of operation


The SANOVO FlexLoader has been designed for high performance and low cost of maintenance. Manufactured almost entirely in stainless steel the wear and tear is minimal. Additionally the loader is equipped with a reverse air flow system, using the vacuum pump for blowback. Thus expensive utilization of compressed air is avoided.


Empty tray stacking and stuck egg detector


In order to secure optimal output and minimal manual handling, empty trays are automatically stacked, and stuck eggs are immediately discharged to the stuck egg conveyor.




Manual cleaning is easy and effective due to the hygienic design. Further, it is possible to rinse the vacuum channels for the loader heads with fresh water automatically.