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Egg white powder processing


Before drying, the sugar contents of the albumen must be controlled.


This is done in a fermentation process where the sugar is removed by adding yeast, enzymes or culture. After the removal of sugar, the fermentation process is stopped by cooling down the egg products. Fermentation is a delicate process requiring product know-how, as well as biological insight - we have both.



  1.     Intermediate storage and pH-adjustment (pH 7.0)
  2.     Heating (35-38° C)
  3.     Clarification
  4.     Concentrations from 11 to 22% (optional)
  5.     Fermentation and storage
  6.     Cooling
  7.     Spray drying and packaging
  8.     Heat treatment (65-70° C for two to four weeks)





Glucose (sugar) in egg white reduces the stability of the product. By adding beneficial bacteria, glucose can be converted by a process of fermentation.