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Staalkat Automatic Tray Stacker

The STAALKAT Traystacker; a sturdy and reliable Tray Stacker


The STAALKAT Traystacker is integrated with a Farmpacker or a Packing lane to stack the trays that have been filled by the packer. The standard stack height is 6 trays. Stacks of two or four trays high are possible as an option. The SX 40 is mainly built from stainless steel. It has a very low sound level thanks to its design and quality. Moreover the design of the infeed lane and take-away conveyor prevents soiling.


Capacity  1440 trays = 43.200 eggs / 120 cases per hour


Power supply   400V-0-ground, 3-phase-AC, 50/60 Hz.


Energy consumption  0,42 kVA


Optional  Extended discharge conveyor for 12 stacks of trays

Setting for stacks of 2, 4 or 6 trays


Extras Controlls   Supplied with overload slip clutch

Jam indicator on discharge conveyor


Buffer stock discharge conveyor:

6 stacks of trays