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The SANOVO OptiLine represents state-of-the-art machinery within loading, washing, breaking and separation machines incorporating all the latest and most advanced technologies.


Traditionally, the focus has been on speed and capacity, but in an SANOVO OptiLine, all aspects of the production process have been optimised. The line is fully automatic, requiring no operators during production (except USA and Canada), and at the end of production, cleaning is performed by the built-in CIP system.


Clean albumen and dry yolk are basic ingredients for supplying increasingly specialised and sophisticated products of the highest quality. At the same time, it is absolutely crucial to keep the focus on costs by minimising product loss as much as possible, lowering the maintenance and reducing or removing manual work. These are all parameters optimised in an SANOVO OptiLine. The SANOVO OptiBreaker has a highly advanced in-feed technique and optimised breaking units which ensures a minimum quantity of whole egg, and maximum yield.


The OptiBreaker is designed for high capacity and high performance factories requiring the most advanced separation technology available.


Minimum amount of no-breaks and product loss

Stress Free Eggs


In order to remove any stress on the egg, the breaker bar is tilted against the direction of movement, thus synchronising the speed of the breaker unit with the roller table.


The breaker unit has been designed to make sure that no shells are lost into the product.


100% CIP Cleanable

Hygienic Design


All internal parts of the SANOVO OptiBreaker are CIP cleaned. CIP cleaning is made possible by a very hygienic design, allowing only vertical or round parts.


In this process the CIP liquids are collected and recycled, reducing manpower and water requirements to a minimum.